MyBatis is an open source persistence framework that simplifies the data mapping between java object and database tables.Earlier known as iBATIS and was started by Clinton Begin in 2002. MyBatis 3 is a complete redesign of iBATIS, with added support of  annotations and Mapper support. It also provides support for Dynamic SQL, stored procedures and advanced mappings.






  • Simplifies the mapping between object and database tables.
  • Avoids lots of boiler plate code in jdbc.
  • Easy learning Curve.
  • Faster than other ORM frameworks.
  • Follows the rue of jdbc by using sql queries directly.

To download MyBatis please follow the below link

To use MyBatis in your application simply put the mybatis-XXX.jar file in the classpath.Thats it.So easy to configure..

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  1. Suveer

    Good learning tutorial.Very specfic introduction about latest trends in technology.

  2. Suveer

    Great Work Deepak.Keep it up.Add new tutorial related to MEAN stack and bigdata.


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