Apache Camel is an open source integration framework based on the famous EIP (Enterprise Integration Patterns).You can use it in a variety of ways like- through java fluent Builder API, if you have a spring project then you can use it as spring configuration , even through Scala API etc.The architecture is quite simple very much pluggable in nature. You have the control of what all components you want to use in your application.Camel supports working directly with different kind of Transport or messaging
models such as – HTTP ,ActiveMQ, JMS, CXF, etc etc.(wow…everything is in .
Another advantage of Camel is the API abstraction . The same API is used irrespective of any components. So learn the API once and use it in different ways . (cool. isn’t it?)
So Guys..make sure to check the Camel project at least once if you want to decorate your resume a little bit more. That’s all for  the boring discussion.
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Please feel free to give your feedbacks. Happy learning .. :)

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